EUROPEAN ELECTION RESULTS: UKIP tops the polls in Eastbourne


The Tories and Lib Dems suffered a crushing defeat by UKIP at the European Parliament polls in Eastbourne on Thursday.

UKIP came first among voters with 9,516 votes followed by the Conservatives with 7,007 and the Liberal Democrats 4,073. The Labour Party came in fourth with the Greens in fifth place.

The number of people who voted in the Eastbourne area was 26,225 – a turnout of 36.95 per cent.

The results for the European Parliament Elections were announced on Sunday. Eastbourne is within the South East Region.

The South East MEPs elected:

Nigel Farage (UKIP)

Dan Hannan (Con)

Janice Atkinson (UKIP)

Nirj Deva (Con)

Anneliese Dodds (Lab)

Diane James (UKIP)

Richard Ashworth (Con)

Keith Taylor (Greens)

Catherine Bearder (LDems)

Ray Finch (UKIP)

Full Eastbourne area results:

An Independence from Europe 408

British National Party 145

Christian Peoples Alliance 237

Conservatives 7,007

English Democrats 192

Green Party 1,721

Harmony Party 25

Labour 2,522

Lib Dems 4,073

Liberty Great Britain 39

The Peace Party 125

The Roman Party AVE 23

The Socialist Party of Great Britain 82

UKIP 9.,516

YOURvoice 31