Emergency exercise to take place at the DGH

The Eastbourne DGH site is being used as the location for an emergency exercise next Wednesday (May 14).

However, East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust is reassuring anyone visiting the hospital on that day that all services will remain fully operational as usual.

Chief Operating Officer Richard Sunley said, “We want to tell anyone coming to the DGH next Wednesday that the exercise is taking place so they won’t be unduly alarmed if they see a number of emergency vehicles and personnel on the site.

“It’s important that we take an active part in exercises such as this to test our emergency plans alongside other organisations, but we want to reassure anyone coming to the DGH next Wednesday that all our services will be open as usual.”

All those taking part in the exercise will be wearing either an armband or a luminous tabard and marshals will be available to direct and reassure the public.