Elderly lady suffers stroke after scam


A 92-year-old woman suffered a stroke and is recovering in hospital after cruel scammers tried to get hold of her bank details at the weekend.

May Jones was one of 15 elderly people targeted by the cruel conmen in just one day in Eastbourne on Saturday (see page 10).

A man claiming to be a PC Ian Baker from Paddington Green Police Station phoned Mrs Jones at her home in Royal Parade on Saturday and told her that her card had been used to buy Rolex watches worth thousands of pounds and she should call her bank or give him her bank details.

The suspicious pensioner realised something was amiss and asked the caller for a return phone number so she should call him back. But the bogus police officer hung up on her.

She called her son Michael but when he rushed round to see his mother, he discovered she had suffered a stroke and collapsed on the floor. She is now in the DGH and is being moved to a rehabilitation unit in Bexhill.

Michael, 65, told the Herald, “These scammers just don’t realise what they are doing to elderly people. They could kill somebody. My mother is a very with it 92-year-old but the stress of what happened and the panic it caused her led to her collapsing with the stroke.”

Police were called and Mrs Jones managed to give the officers an account of what happened but she has since suffered another stroke and is unable to speak and cannot move the right hand side of her body.

The scammers targeted 15 residents in Eastbourne that day. None gave any details and immediately contacted Sussex Police. The force has re-issued its warning to people to be on the guard and Sergeant Neil Bates said, “Legitimate organisations would never ask for bank or card details over and phone and we urge people to stay vigilant and to never pass on these details. Anyone receiving such calls should wait at least 10 minutes for their line to clear and call 101.”