A BAND from Eastbourne which enjoyed a top 10 hit in the early 1980s is hoping for a new run of success with the release of their original album on CD for the first time.

The Mobiles had chart success when their hit single Drowning in Berlin reached number nine in 1982.

To mark that 25th anniversary, the group's album, also called Drowning in Berlin, was recently released for the first time on CD.

The reissue of the original album includes their best known hit along with further singles Amour Amour and Partners in Fiction and the band's members are hoping it will be a hit with fans from Eastbourne who supported them all those years ago.

Dave Blundell, the band's bass player and songwriter, and singer Anna Maria, were reunited in Eastbourne recently with their manager, Tony Norman, to celebrate the release of the CD.

Dave, who now lives in Madrid, and Anna, who lives in Seaford and works in the health profession, said they were delighted the album was now available on CD.

"Back in the 1980s CDs weren't around," said Dave.

"Everything was on vinyl.

"It was all such an adventure for us. We were just a band practicing in The Drive pub. The first week Drowning in Berlin was released in the local record shop, Max Records at the bottom of Grove Road.

"It outsold the then Number One, Queen and David Bowie's Under Pressure, by three to one.

"One minute we were doing gigs in Eastbourne and the next minute we got a call saying they wanted us to do Top of The Pops.

"They were very exciting times for us all and we had a wonderful time doing it all."

The group also had a loyal following of fans, calling themselves The Deckchair Club, who followed their success as they spent two years touring across the South East.

When subsequent records failed to meet the success of Drowning in Berlin, the group split and went their separate ways.

That was until earlier this year when a phone call from Cherry Red Records marked the start of the album being re-released on disc.

Anna, who is now married with children, said, "It's all been very exciting and surreal to see the album on CD."

The re-issue includes the original album in its entirety along with a wide selection of rare bonus material including remixes and B-sides, track by track liner notes from Dave Blundell, a history, interviews with the band's one-time record label manager, numerous photographs and a complete discography.