iPad future for Academy pupils

Pupils a Eastbourne Academy show off their iPads
Pupils a Eastbourne Academy show off their iPads

EASTBOURNE Academy will become the first school in Sussex to hand out iPads to all its pupils.

The Brodrick Road school in Hampden Park already uses class sets of iPad tablet computers in lessons, but in September every student in Years Seven, Eight and Nine will be given their own iPad to take home and use in all their lessons.

Older students will also have ready access to class sets of the same technology to help them make a success of their new one year GCSE courses.

Eastbourne Academy principal Keith Pailthorpe says the computers will ‘allow students to develop their learning and their skills of investigation and research’.

Teachers are already planning how to make the most of this latest technology.

Mr Pailthorpe said, “We will be the first state funded school in Sussex to bring in such an innovation at this level.

“There are only two other schools in the South of England who have introduced iPads for all their students – one is an academy in Kent and the other is a prestigious private school.

“We have visited both schools to learn from them and expect to be able to offer our students an exceptional learning experience.

“The modern world needs students and future employees who know how to use the latest technology in a work environment.

“We will still have books as well, but we will be able to offer our students an educational diet that compares with the best in the region.”

This comes at the same time as The Eastbourne Academy embarks on its £10 million rebuild and refit.

Mr Pailthorpe added, “The Academy’s motto is ‘Your Future At Your Fingertips’ and in September students and their parents will realise what that can mean.”