Governors wanted following application for free school

THE GROUP working to set up a free school at the town’s old dental estimates board site is appealing for governors following its application to the Department for Education.

The groups of teacher and parents who set up the group called East Sussex Free School has worked hard on its application over the last few months and has received lots of support form the local community.

If successful, the school will cater for secondary and sixth form pupils and students aged between 11 and 19, and the group said it will take a ‘traditional approach to education’ with a focus on discipline and pupils’ learning, attainment, and success.

Free schools are a Coalition Government initiative which allow groups to set up and run independent state-funded schools, tailored to what they believe are the local needs.

Now the application has been submitted the group is hosting an event at the Lansdowne Hotel, Eastbourne, on April 2 from 7pm to 9pm.

Paul Taylor, a member of the East Sussex Free School steering group, said, “The purpose of the event will be to get people together and start to form the shadow school, ready to hit the ground running when it gets approval.

“The Free School is looking for potential governors, teachers and extra-curricular providers, that can offer after school activities, inside or outside school, for primary and/or secondary pupils. We’d also like to hear from local businesses to network and form links. Everyone is welcome to attend.”

Anyone wanting to attend the event at the Lansdowne is asked to send their contact details to or call 0800 358 5960. Since submitting its application to the Department of Education, the group is waiting for the call to arrange an interview at the Department for Education’s London office. Interviews will take place between April and June.

Mr Taylor added, “Some brave and hardy members of the proposer group have agreed to be interviewed by the Department for Education and if all goes well the school will be put through to the next stage for approval. Successful applicants will be announced in the summer ready for opening in September 2013.”

For more information of the free school visit their Facebook page or visit