Eastbourne councillor: why I believe in capital punishment for child and police murderers

A Tory councillor has called for the return of the death penalty on a BBC 5 Live broadcast last week.

Annabelle West, a former magistrate, took to the airwaves with fellow members of Eastbourne’s Conservative party on Wednesday morning (October 10) to be interviewed by BBC Radio 5 Live’s Mike Coleman.

Cllr West, a councillor for Eastbourne’s Upperton ward, told radio audiences across the country she advocated capital punishment for people found guilty of murdering police officers or children.

Cllr West was invited to speak on the talk radio show with Eastbourne campaigner Ian Lucas who spoke from Eastbourne seafront and Cllr Patrick Warner.

They were asked to discuss what they thought Eastbourne’s residents would like to see from Prime Minister David Cameron’s conference speech.

Cllr West made the comments about capital punishment because she said she thought people were concerned about law and order, and Mr Lucas said that he hoped that a new emphasis on localism would ultimately result on decisions such as those on the future of the Eastbourne District General Hospital being taken locally, by local people.

Cllr Patrick Warner said he wanted to see investment in transport links to Eastbourne, and specifically called for an investment scheme to upgrade the A27 between Lewes and Polegate. He accused local Lib Dems of seeking to block such a plan and also criticised the recent expense on a Beddingham cycle path.