Down Your Way: Hellingly and Horsebridge - May 16

SUNDAY SERVICES: Hellingly, Holy Communion at 8am and again at 10.45am. Evensong is at 6.30pm.

Upper Dicker: Holy Communion at 9.15am

Ascension Day is on Thursday, May 17, and there will be Holy Communion Services at Hellingly church at 7am and 9.30am.

ANNUAL Parish meeting: The theme is Neighbourhood Plans for Hellingly and the meeting is on Thursday, May 17, starting at 7.30pm at Hellingly Village Hall. There will be an opportunity for questions and light refreshments will be served.

NEIGHBOURHOOD POLICING: Regarding mopeds on Hailsham North Ward, residents have been advised where applicable to get vehicle registration numbers of mopeds that are becoming a nuisance. Drivers will be given a verbal warning, written Section 59 warning or their moped seized.

Two moped riders and their parents were spoken to in relation to their driving and an incident in Quinnell Drive. Both were given strong words of advice and their details have been noted.

PHOTOGRAPHIC Society: There was a good turnout for the first of the Society’s summer outings which took place at Diamond Farm. Hosts Chrissy and Robin Neale introduced the farm animals group by group. Cows with calves, chickens, horses, ducks, guinea fowl, pigs and sheep with lambs posed dutifully for the cameras!

Chrissy walked across a field to a hole in the hedge and was followed by two cows trotting behind, called “sheep” and walked back to the crowd. The sheep, with lambs in tow, charged across the field after her in anticipation. Children were given the opportunity to bottle feed a few of the lambs which slurped the mixture down at record speed and, while Chrissy was talking about the calves, one of the cows snuck up beside her, rolled out its slobbery long tongue, and licked her cheek before she knew what was happening.

After touring the farmyard members were taken across a variety of fields, wooded glades covered with bluebells and primroses and back to the Farmhouse for a delicious cream tea. Egg sandwiches, a selection of homemade cakes and scrumptious scones were passed around until everyone was full. One of the labradors needed to be housed elsewhere for the event as he had eaten a whole batch of freshly baked scones while her back was turned and could no longer be trusted.

The £117 raised during the event was donated to Demelza.


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