‘Dog poo vigilantes’ celebrate success

Lori Cronin and Candy Foster
Lori Cronin and Candy Foster

Shinewater campaigners named in the Herald last week as the ‘dog poo vigilante’ have been unmasked and are celebrating success.

Lori Cronin, chair of the Shinewater Neighbourhood Panel, and Candy Foster spent six hours last week sticking little ‘poo alert’ flags in the dog mess they found in the area.

They put out a total of 298 flags - with 78 of those being placed down by the Rotherfield Avenue footbridge, just 30 yards away from a dog mess bin .

Lori said, “Candy saw the idea on a BBC television programme and she got in touch and said ‘what do you think?’.

“I thought it was a brilliant idea and when we asked other groups in the community they were all behind us.”

The Shaftsbury Centre, Children’s Centre, Shinewater Community Centre, Shinewater Primary School and the police were all aware of the dog poo flag campaign.

Lori and Candy are now celebrating success after the area is looking much cleaner and the council installed a new dog bin at the junction of Foxglove Road and Larkspur Drive on Monday (March 25) as a result of the campaign.

Lori and Candy put out 29 flags in the area where the new bin has been placed - demonstrating it is much-needed.

Lori said, “We can’t believe how much cleaner it looks.

“Not only is there less new dogs muck appearing, but someone has been out there and cleared some of it up.

“But this is ongoing. We will carry on going out with these flags .

“Someone stopped us in the street the other day, said well done and gave us a fiver so we could buy some more flags.”

The campaign has also served to highlight the good work of the Shinewater Community Panel.

Lori said, “We are proactive in all areas. Our aim is to turn the area from Grimewater back to Shinewater.”

Lori said the majority of dog owners are responsible but she hopes the others will take note of the flag campaign.