Dog dies after Seven Sisters fall

A DOG died after running over the cliffs at Seven Sisters on Sunday (April 29).

Birling Gap Safety Boat crews were alerted to the incident while out at sea off Birling Gap beach doing rescue exercises in their ocean kayak.

At around 3.30pm a couple approached the shore station and told the on-shore crew the dog had run over the edge of a cliff at the Seven Sisters cliff nearest to Birling Gap.

The safety boat was immediately contacted and asked to attend the scene and both the boat and the kayak tried to make their way to the shore.

The owners were assisted by a member of the Eastbourne Ambulance Dogs team who accompanied them down to the beach.

The dog did not survive and the owners made their way to where it lay before returning to the top of the cliffs.

Phil Gozna from the Birling Gap Safety Boat said, “Two of the safety boat crew made way to the casualty, one from the kayak and the other crew member swam ashore as beaching the boat was too risky.

“Once the dog was located Solent Coastguard were contacted by the helmsman and informed him of the incident and the position. Solent then tasked Birling Gap Coastguard cliff rescue team.”

The owners of the dog made way back to the steps escorted by the safety boat crew.

Eastbourne Ambulance Dogs is made of volunteers from South East Coast Ambulance Service.

The team worked with the Birling Gap Safety Boat on Sunday using their dog Nala who is trained in search in rescue.

The Eastbourne Ambulance Dogs posted the incident on Facebook and said, “Our hearts go out to the owners.

“Please if you are walking your dogs on cliff keep them on a lead.”