Did you witness this attack?

Police are searching for two dog walkers after a woman was mauled by their pet.

Laura Plant, 63, of Eastbourne was walking a neighbour’s dog in Motcombe Gardens last week when she was attacked by a large dog.

As passers-by went to her aid and called emergency services, the dog walkers left the scene with their two animals.

“I asked the lady to put the dogs on a lead,” she said.

“They are supposed to be on leads. There were children there, and all the other dogs were on leads.

“The next thing I knew it had savaged my leg. Somebody called the ambulance. My heart was pounding, I was feeling so ill. They just wanted to run off.”

The couple then got into their car, a black Audi, with their two dogs, described as ‘Staffordshire terriers or Bull-mastiffs’.

Police and an ambulance were called to the scene, and Ms Plant was taken to hospital after suffering injuries to her leg.

Now police wish to speak with the pair about the incident.

PC James Humphrey said, “This was a nasty incident which has caused the victim great upset. She called out to the couple to get their dogs under control before the attack, but they made no effort to do so.”

A Sussex Police spokeswoman said, “At about 6.15pm on Monday September 22 the 63-year old local woman was walking a friend’s dog, which was on a lead, through Motcombe Gardens, off Motcombe Lane, when one of two other dogs which were not on leads in the gardens, described as a brown Staffie-type, ran up and bit her on the calf, causing three to four puncture wounds and some scratch marks.

“The two dogs, which were with a white couple in their fifties, were then loaded into a car and driven away. The woman with the dogs is described as very slim with jet black hair.”