Diane chosen to advise Olympic Lottery winners

Diane Robson
Diane Robson

A LOTTERY winner from Eastbourne is to become a mentor to 100 new millionaires being created to mark the London 2012 Olympic Games.

Diane Robson scooped £2.4 million five years ago tomorrow (July 21) and has been asked by the National Lottery to give advice to the 100 lucky people who hit the big time next weekend in a mammoth Euromillions draw on the night of the Olympic Games opening ceremony on Friday July 27.

Diane, who lives in Old Town, has drawn up her top five tips and will share the advice with winners.

“The first thing I would say to any winner is to listen to the advisers from Camelot and rely on them because they do help,” said Diane, who worked at Topaz Bridal before her big win.

“I agreed to the publicity that comes with it because in Eastbourne, it’s difficult to hide it especially if you’re going to be buying a big house and new car.

“The second thing is to share your winning experience with you family and friends because it is wonderful.

“Thirdly, people who win shouldn’t rush into anything. The money will always be in the bank and there’s no great rush to spend it or give it away.”

Diane treated her family members after her win and also bought a new house and a Peugeot 201 Cabriolet.

She says people should live their lives as they want to if they have a big win. “People think Lottery winners should live in big houses and drive flash cars,” said Diane.

“But if somebody wants to carry on living in their house, working in their job and it makes them happy, then that’s what they should do.”

And her final piece of advice for any new millionaires from Eastbourne in next Friday’s draw is if you do win to get yourself together.

“The first thing to do when you think you’ve won is to calm down,” said Diane, who realised she was a winner the morning after the draw when she asked her sister Liz to read out the winning numbers.

“Write your name on the back of the ticket and then hide it and keep it safe because you are only 99 per cent a winner until that ticket is put into the National Lottery checking machine.”