Daughter inspired to raise funds for a worthy cause

Mary-Jane Bennett is doing a trek across Peru to raise money for Parkinsons
Mary-Jane Bennett is doing a trek across Peru to raise money for Parkinsons

THE DAUGHTER of a Parkinson’s sufferer is trekking across Peru to raise thousands of pounds and awareness of the condition.

Mary-Jane Bennett, 46, flew out to Peru on Friday and will be covering 10 to 12 miles every day over the next week.

Mary-Jane, who is also known as Midge, will be covering some difficult terrain and will be climbing to heights of 406 metres.

Suffering from arthritis and type one diabetes herself, Mary-Jane says this will be a big challenge for her but is something she wanted to do for her mum.

Her mother Jane Honney was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease earlier this year.

Mary-Jane, who was born and raised in Eastbourne but now lives in Kent, said. “I was at the computer when mum rung and told me she had Parkinson’s and I Googled it found the Parkinson’s UK website. It was spooky because on the website was information about an open information day.

“I was just drawn to going to the information day up in London.”

Mary-Jane went to the event and heard from an inspirational man about the fundraising treks.

She said, “I actually got really excited and I couldn’t wait to tell my mum and Paul.

“I asked mum if she was happy with me doing it, because it was about her, and she said she didn’t have a problem with that but thought I was stark raving mad.”

So Mary-Jane decided to pay for the trip expenses herself and then started fundraising for the charity. She has so far raised an impressive £4,691.

She is currently undertaking the challenge and will be camping along the way, despite never having slept in a tent in her life.

Before setting off Mary-Jane said, “It really is going to be a big challenge for me and to be honest I feel a bit hysterical.”

She has also thanked everyone who has helped her raise the money for Parkinson’s UK and hopes there might be more money to come.

She said, “I am so grateful to everyone who has donated. There is no amount too small.”

To sponsor Mary-Jane visit www.justgiving.com/midge-bennett.