Cyprus crisis for author

Anne Ullah March 4th 2013 E10121P
Anne Ullah March 4th 2013 E10121P
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The recent banking crisis in Cyprus has led an Eastbourne author to abandon her plans to buy a property on the island and purchase one instead at Sovereign Harbour.

Anne Ullah moved to Cyrpus from Pevensey Bay with the intention of settling there and investing in a property but the recent financial crisis when the island had to be bailed out by the EU has prompted her to head back to the south coast and buy a flat in Sovereign Harbour instead.

Anne said, “I had been in Cyprus for a few months with a view to buying somewhere but with the state of the economy and the banking fiasco have decided to go for something closer to home.

“I am really looking forward to being able to spend time more time in the Eastbourne area where I lived for so long and my family are and feel the peaceful marina environment will be perfect for writing.”

Anne has already written one book, Trouble at Toff Towers, under the pen name Louisa Toff on Amazon as a download and it has received several top review ratings.

The book follows the adventures of Louisa Toff, a former model still trying to hog the limelight, cashing in on today’s celebrity culture, helped along the way by an assortment of madcap characters as she stumbles from one crisis to another.

The book has its own website and characters have their own twitter accounts in a bid by Anne to publicise the book, the first of a trilogy.

Anne, originally from Doncaster, said she was pleased with the book’s success so far.

“I am absolutely delighted with the response so far,” she said.

“The fact that the reviewer mentioned Miranda Hart, Bridget Jones and PG Wodehouse in the same paragraph as me completely blew me away.”

Anne is now planning to return to Eastbourne in the coming weeks to finalise her property purchase and start penning the sequels, Trouble At Toff Towers II and the final book, Another Heap.