Curfew for burglar who stole from till

Eastbourne Laundrette, Seaside October 17th 2012 E42101N
Eastbourne Laundrette, Seaside October 17th 2012 E42101N

A burglar who broke into a laundrette, stole cash from the till and pocketed staff tips has been given a curfew.

Karl Avellino took a total of £160 from Laundromat in Seaside and was charged after DNA linked him to the scene.

Eastbourne magistrates heard staff at the premises had locked up on the evening of September 14 and when it was opened up the following morning a member of staff noticed it had been broken in to and a glazed window several feet from the ground had been smashed.

Prosecutor Jeremy King told the court marks found on a drainpipe matched the 28-year-old defendant.

Avellino, of Bourne Street, pleaded guilty to burglary.

Magistrates heard he was on a community order for a similar offence and a breach of a conditional discharge.

Antony Stannard, defending, said his client had moved to the area from Southampton to get away from negative associates.

He added, “You should have a pre-sentence report, it was prepared for the last conviction.

“This current offence pre-dates the community order on September 25.

“He’s basically trying to put this horrendous criminal record he has behind him.

“He hasn’t had any assistance from probation for quite a while now.

“Probation now think he is worth a try with supervision and rehabilitation.

“He’s at Sussex Downs doing a diploma in carpentry.

“The probation recommendation for you is a curfew requirement.

“He doesn’t have any real connections here, he lives on in his own in a flat.

“There are options in my submission other than a custodial sentence today. I ask you to accept his is trying his best to better his lot through college and various other things.”

Magistrates told Avellino he would be fitted with a electronical tag and must stay indoors between the hours 7pm and 7am for a 12 week period. He was also given a 12 month community order.