Teenager detained for breaking court order

A TEENAGER has been given a custodial sentence after admitting to the courts he would probably struggle to carry out unpaid work as a punishment.

The 16-year-old, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was at Eastbourne youth court on Tuesday, July 25, where he admitted breaching a Youth Rehabilitation Order.

Magistrates heard the boy had failed to attend a substance misuse programme and other appointments.

Probation told the court that the boy, who has been using cannabis for a long time, seemed to give the impression he would not comply with the order.

Linda Kerry, defending, said her client admitted that he might end up failing to complete an unpaid work order and getting off the streets might be the best thing for him.

She added, “It’s very sad when you’re dealing with someone where clearly input has been put in by the Youth Offending Team and other agencies and for whatever reason he failed and hasn’t been able to comply.

“To his credit I said to him you have to understand the court today are going to be thinking about sending him to custody - he was very mature and sensible and about that and said I know that and have been expecting it today.

She added her client wanted to join the Army and added, “In relation to a custodial sentence it’s obviously a very serious decision for any court to make because he’s only 16.”

Addressing magistrates the 16-year-old told them he needed to sort himself out and felt he couldn’t do it on his own.

As magistrates gave him a six month Detention and Training Order the youth asked if he could kiss his mum before being led away.