Lighting shop owner dismayed by ‘vandalism’

Jason Daniel, propietor of The Lighthouse store in Terminus Road
Jason Daniel, propietor of The Lighthouse store in Terminus Road

VANDALS and thieves seem determined to blacken the Christmas spirit of an Eastbourne lighting shop.

The Lighthouse in Terminus Road has suffered from two acts of vandalism and one break-in in as many weeks.

Broken lights, some worth up to £1,430, litter the floor and owner Jason Daniel has had to pay £3,500 to replace his front window.

He said, “People come out of pubs and clubs a little worse for wear and vent their frustration, or whatever, see a window and smash it. It’s just pure vandalism.”

Mr Daniel, who has owned the shop for 10 years after moving from a similar lighting store in London, said, “You expect it in London but you do not expect it here. Ten years I have been here and, apart from the last few weeks, there’s been nothing like it.”

On October 24 vandals smashed the shop’s glass door and a few days later gave the vast shop-front window the same treatment. The huge pane of glass landed on Mr Daniel’s expensive display unit, breaking 60 lights and racking up £1,000s in damages. Cabbies waiting for fares at the railway station called police when they saw what was happening.A week ago would-be thieves sneaked into the shop through the back door, raiding the cashbox only to find it empty. Mr Daniel suggested the area needed better policing since it had become a focal point for late-night revellers.

A police spokesperson said, “There has not been a rise in anti-social behaviour in Terminus Road or surrounding areas.

“In fact there has been a slight decrease. However, as it’s the party season we have increased patrols at night.”Mr Daniel said, “It’s not great in the run up to Christmas, having to replace the window and make more orders before I have recovered the money for the damaged items.”