Eastbourne burglars jailed after spate of break-ins

Two men from Eastbourne who travelled across two counties to plunder three homes in a burglary spree have been jailed.

One of their victims, a 75-year-old widow, who had a framed photo of her dead husband stolen during one of the break-ins, was too traumatised to return home, a Crown Court was told.

Lukas Boboic, 20, of St. Anthony’s Avenue, and Dominic McDonough, 21, of Cavendish Avenue, both in Eastbourne, were each sent down at Guildford Crown Court, Surrey, after pleading guilty to two charges of burglary and one of attempted burglary.

They were arrested on February 5 after trying to break into a property in High Street, Bramley, Surrey, after having turned over two other houses in the county, the court heard.

Two other homes - one in Guildford and the other in Bookham - were ransacked by the two defendants.

Prosecutor Ruby Selva said that in the Guildford burglary, jewellery and a framed photograph were stolen - before the culprits went on to bust in to the Bookham property to remove an array of items including a watch, a laptop and a digital photo frame.

But their luck ran out when they tried to get in to a third premises in Bramley – they were caught after an alarm went off, alerting an eagle-eyed member of the public.

Boboic was sent to prison for 16 months and McDonough was jailed for a year.

Sentencing them, Judge Christopher Critchlow said, “You did not think of the effect on others of committing these sorts of offences.

“One property was the home an elderly lady, who is 75-years-old, who was out at the time. When she came home, she realised what had happened and was greatly distressed – so much so that she did not want to go home.”

Judge Critchlow said he hoped the pair were thoroughly ashamed of their actions .

Justin Rivett, for Boboic, said, “He has expressed his regret and remorse.”

He said that his client had found it hard to get a job after his employment at a hotel in Eastbourne had finished and was desperate for money to support his girlfriend who was pregnant.

David Castle, for McDonough, said his client had written a letter of apology which he handed up to the judge.

“He now realises that what he did was wrong and he is sorry for it,” he said.