Cans of booze found as police target teenagers as young as 14 in Eastbourne

Teenagers as young as 14 have been targeted in Eastbourne as police wage a campaign against anti-social behaviour in the town.

Operation Blitz is being co-ordinated by police in Eastbourne to tackle crime and disorder.

In the latest incident, police were called to Longland Road in Old Town where a group of around 30 youths between 14 and 16-years-old were causing problems.

Some of the group fled when police arrived, but others were caught and had their details taken by officers. About 30 open and closed containers of alcohol were seized.

The group was then ordered to pick up the discarded cans and bottles from the street and put them in rubbish bags provided by officers. These were then disposed of and the youths sent home.

The incident happened last Saturday and this week letters were sent to the youngsters’ parents advising them that children had been involved in the incident. There were no reports of damage or violence.

Police were alerted to the problem following a call from a concerned resident. Sgt Julian Williams, who was among officers at the scene, said: “This was an effective use of Operation Blitz for reducing crime and disorder at a local level and without delay.

“I would encourage residents to contact their local PCSO via the Sussex Police website or by calling 101 to find out more about this initiative.”