Crackdown on drivers outside town’s schools

Five drivers were fined for not wearing seatbelts in a crackdown on motorists outside schools on Friday.

They were given fixed penalty notices today and fined £100 while two others were caught using mobile phones getting three points on their licence as well as a £100 fine.

The enforcement took place outside Tollgate School as part of a programme of action in response to parents’ and residents’ concerns about road safety issues outside schools in the area.

Eastbourne’s Neighbourhood Policing Team, Shinewater Neighbourhood Panel and the East Sussex Roads Policing Department have been focussing on raising awareness of road safety amongst drivers, parents and children at Shinewater Primary School and Tollgate Junior School.

As part of the initiative, a Speed Indicator Device was deployed; SID flashes up the speed a vehicle is travelling and a smiley face indicates whether it is travelling within the limit.

PCSO Andy Monico, Neighbourhood Officer for the Shinewater area, said, “The primary focus is to keep people safe, not to hit people’s pockets. We find that educating people and reminding everyone of being safe is far more important.

“We won’t hesitate to prosecute dangerous and reckless drivers, however our aim was to ensure that parents and children start the new school year safely; remember that outside every school each morning and afternoon there will be a lot of children that drivers need to be aware of.

“Our message is simple, keep your children safe by wearing your seatbelts, keep everyone safe by lowering your speed.”

PC Trevor Scott, from the East Sussex Road Policing Unit, said, “This campaign demonstrated the resolve of Sussex Police in tackling the issues of speeding, and to highlight that the chances of being caught when driving without a seatbelt will be greatly increased.

“Failing to wear a seatbelt has been identified as one of the four main factors influencing the number of fatalities from road traffic collisions. The fine for not wearing a seatbelt has recently been increased to £100.”