Councillor opens London art display

Daniel Shing and Gu Fuhai
Daniel Shing and Gu Fuhai

A councillor from Polegate was invited to open a calligraphy art exhibition in London.

County councillor Daniel Shing was invited to formally open the Chinese Painting and Calligraphy World Tour at the Terrace gallery, Museum of London.

At the opening ceremony, Cllr Shing said, “Many thanks to the numerous guests for attending this event; it is very encouraging to see so many take an interest into Chinese paintings and calligraphy, the good attendance is much appreciated by the organisers and the artists here today.

 “It is a privilege for me to attend this event and a great honour to introduce this exhibition to you which includes live demonstrations of Chinese painting and Calligraphy by the artists.”

China has a very long and rich history spanning thousands of years, with much of it’s ancient legacy still very well preserved today.

Cllr Shing said he felt this has been achieved tour groups such as the one currently in London, who are dedicated to ensuring that the history and culture will be available to many more generations to come. 

Cllr Shing added, “Having just returned from a ten day trip in China recently, I have realised that I am only just beginning to appreciate how vast China’s ancient legacy is and how important it is to preserve the art of Chinese Painting and Calligraphy.  

“As a child, I had always admired and been fascinated and Chinese art and Chinese calligraphy, despite knowing very little about these subjects and, sadly, lacking artistic talent.

“There is something very soothing about these paintings. Every time I look at Chinese Calligraphy I feel even more determined to learn how to write Chinese.”

The tour group have visited many countries to share their experiences. Cllr Shing met Gu Fuhai, the president of both the Chinese Traditional Painting and Calligraphy World Tour and the Association of Chinese Painting and Calligraphy and Spring Xue, vice president of The British Chinese Artists Association. 

Mr Fuhai said he was pleased to have Cllr Shing open the event because he is a ‘good role model for the younger generation’ and takes an interest in Chinese history and culture.