Could Eastbourne’s YouTube sensation be the next Justin Bieber?

Daniel John, who performs as Daniel J, has been an internet sensation with his singing
Daniel John, who performs as Daniel J, has been an internet sensation with his singing

A TEENAGER who has shot his music videos in Eastbourne has a growing fan base and is hoping to become as big as American singing sensation Justin Bieber.

Daniel John, who performs under the name of Daniel J, has become popular on YouTube in the last 12 weeks and is now taking bookings for birthday parties and has met screaming girls in London.

The 14-year-old who spends half his time in Eastbourne and half in Hertfordshire has gained more than 6,000 subscribers and has around 170,000 views on You Tube.

Most of his videos, which have been shot in Shinewater Park and on Eastbourne Pier, are pop covers but he is starting to write his own material.

He has already posted the song Beautiful Girls on YouTube and expects to have another song out soon.

With more than 4,000 Twitter followers and a growing amount of fans, his mum Maxine John says she can’t believe how his success has grown.

She said, “He only started having singing lessons six months ago and that came after he got a guitar for Christmas in 2010.

“He started teaching himself to play and in a few weeks he could play all sort of songs. We started to realise he had a real gift for it.

“People have been comparing him to Justin Bieber, which is a compliment but he is quite clear he wants to be himself.”

Daniel J now has 33 videos on YouTube and has made some celebrity fans too.

Actors from EastEnders tweet about him, and Joel Courtney, the star of Hollywood movie Super 8 is a fan who plans to conduct a meet and greet with him in Los Angeles this summer, as well as promising to go surfing with him.

The youngster will be meeting his Eastbourne fans on February 25 outside the entrance to the pier at 3pm.

He will be there for around half-an-hour to sign autographs.

Maxine said around 50 fans turned up to a similar event in London and they are hoping the Eastbourne meet and greet will be just as successful.

“It was a bit of a concern and quite a surprise when all these girls were screaming,” said Maxine.

“However, we are pleased he is such a success and this is now his life ambition and he wants to take it all the way.”

• Click here to see Daniel performing on YouTube.