Concerns raised about holes dug along busy road

Roadworks on St Anthony's Avenue. SUS-140309-172246001
Roadworks on St Anthony's Avenue. SUS-140309-172246001

Concerns have been raised after a number of holes that were dug along an Eastbourne road have been left untouched for a number of weeks.

Gas works were due to take place along St Anthony’s Avenue, so workers drilled large holes in both the road and the pavement in preparation for the work. However, more than two weeks later, no work has been seen to take place on the road and people are beginning to worry about the dangers the road now presents.

One Eastbourne resident who did not wish to be named said, “There’s around 14 holes in the road and pavement, some of them about four foot deep and a metre and a half wide.

“The barriers keep getting knocked over, leaving the holes completely exposed. Children will start going back to the nearby school soon and all it will take is for one child to nudge another and they’d fall in. What about blind people as well? They would have no idea the hole was there. Some of the holes on the pavement are so wide, you wouldn’t be able to fit a pushchair past them.

“It’s not just the holes on the pavement that’s dangerous though. Where the barriers are around the holes in the road, they block the view of cars pulling out onto the main road and cars are having to swerve around each other all the time.

“If there were doing work on the road, I wouldn’t mind so much, but there’s not been one single worker here for more than two weeks. It’s an accident waiting to happen.”

Claire Buchanan, a spokesperson for Southern Gas Networks, said,”We are currently carrying out gas mains replacement work in St. Anthony’s Avenue, which is due to be completed in the next few weeks. We are using a directional drilling technique to carry out this work which reduces the amount of the road we need to excavate and minimises disruption for road users.

“Safety is our number one priority and during our works, the excavations have been surrounded by safety barriers. We would like to thank road users and the local community for their continued patience.”