Community spirit to be felt far and wide

THE COMMUNITY spirit of Eastbourne royal wedding street parties will be felt as far as Japan.

Roger Hopkins of Wish Hill, Willingdon, is spearheading his street’s festivities. He has already pledged donations to victims of the tsunami and earthquake in Japan.

“At Christmas you have get-togethers with your nearest neighbours, but it will be nice for all of us to feel a bit of community spirit. We need something to cheer us up at this time, with international news being pretty gloomy,” said Mr Hopkins.

Each guest is expected to make a £5 donation towards the running of the party and the leftovers will go to a charity easing the suffering in Japan.

The party was given a quick green light from the street party team at Eastbourne Borough Council because traffic will not be affected. The celebration will take place on a patch of grass just off the road and the street’s 95 residents have been informed.

“It’s nice to meet neighbours from the other end of the road. Of course you see them when you go out to buy your Herald but you don’t really know them,” said Mr Hopkins.

The party will get under way at 1pm, the barbecues will be stoked and the bunting unfurled. Nibbles and salad will be provided but residents will bring their own drink and meat for the barbie.

The council has received 12 street parties applications so far.

Herald editor-in-chief Keith Ridley said, “This just goes to show the importance and wide-ranging effect of Eastbourne’s community spirit.

“I applaud the residents of Wish Hill and I hope this will spur others into action.”

If you are organising a street party the Herald would like to hear from you. Call 414486 to let us know.