Come Dine With Me in Eastbourne

Come Dine With Me Eastbourne
Come Dine With Me Eastbourne

Channel Four’s Come Dine With Me is coming from Eastbourne this week with five locals hosting dinner parties in a bid to win the £1,000 prize.

Hampden Park hairdresser Becci Moloney, trainee teacher Kirsty Devonsport, retail consultant Russell Turnbull, part-time lecturer Adam Holt and property consultant Ann-Marie Hamilton were filmed last year at their homes for the five day run of programmes, which started on Monday and finishes today (Friday).

First up on Monday night was Kirsty, known as Cheddar Gorge to her friends, who asked her guests to draw portraits of each other as part of the evening’s entertainment.

But her menu was described as safe and the guests only scored her 25 out of a possible 40.

Fellow guest Adam Holt said Kirsty’s hosting skills were better than her cooking skills although Becci said the trainee teacher has been bubbly and attentive.