An Eastbournian Abroad with Ashley McMillan: The end of one mountain... for now anyway!

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Unofficially known as the end of the winter ski season in Whistler, the TELUS Ski and Snowboard Festival finished last Sunday with its usual bang.

A nine day festival full of tricks, showdowns and some of the best athletes on display, this speaks nothing to mention the continuous bands and performers on various stages (mostly all free) to keep everyone rocking throughout. So how do we celebrate the end of this festival? We close Whistler Mountain as operations plan toward clearing the downhill bike park’s trail of the thousands of feet of snow within the next few weeks.

Now don’t worry, there’s an embarrassment of riches available when it comes to skiing options with Blackcomb Mountain still open for another five weeks, then there’s always the summer glacier camps, but that’s another story! For now, the diggers are slowly coming out to start clearing the case of the bike park and the municipal workers are typically hard at work and busy clearing the gravel and sand off all the grassed and flowerbed areas – It’s nice to see the grass again!


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