OUT IN THE FIELD: Traffic is a big sore point
For once – and for the time being – I am going to keep my opinions about Cavendish School pressing ahead with plans to build a new primary school on its playing fields to myself. I agree there is a severe shortage of primary school places and two Eastbourne schools have already had two extra classes forced upon them. But what I, along with countless others, am terribly uncomfortable with is the effect any increase in pupils at Cavendish will have on the current dire traffic problems in the area. Already, Eldon Road, Cobbold Avenue, Baldwin Avenue, Macmillan Drive, Milton Road, to name just a few are absolute nightmare roads at school drop-off and pick-up times. Eldon Road is a busy bus route and most of the time during peak hours it’s virtually impassable for two way traffic and the queues up to the traffic lights at the top are horrendous. Added to that, you have the parents who park over people’s driveways in the surrounding roads and a lack of double yellow lines in Eldon Road. Yes, the traffic lights could be re-phased but that is all dependent on the bus companies agreeing to it and for some reason they appear to call the shots with the local authorities and seem reluctant to change. The next step now is for town planners to decide whether it should go ahead and unfortunately, with a general and borough council looming next May, it is bound to turn in to one huge political hot potato. What needs to be kept in mind though through all of this is what is best for the children and what benefits it could bring for them.

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