OUT IN THE FIELD: New lease of life for Printers bar
It’s always nice to see redundant buildings being brought back to life so it’s good news that one former eatery in Station Street will soon re-open as Printers Playhouse, which is to become a theatre-bar-diner affair on three floors, with two stages. For those Eastbournians old enough to remember, Printers was part of Sumfield & Day’s old home and has been empty for some time after the last venture there did not fare so well. The entire venture is the brainchild of Chris Berry, former local politco and hotelier and his actor son, John, as well as several professional actors and drama teachers, who will stage plays and other performances plus there will soon be drama schools running during daylight hours in the future. Besides being a place to go for lunchtime to evening drinks and food, there are stages for solo performers and small groups downstairs, plus an 80-seat theatre space on the top floor for shows and theatre productions. It all sounds good for the town.
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