OUT IN THE FIELD - Bus lane is top of Christmas wish list
I am well aware I should sometimes put my brain in gear before I open my mouth and put pen to paper, or in these modern days digits to keyboard, but as a fairly frequent bus user these days I can’t understand why there are no bus only lanes along Eastbourne’s busiest roads like Kings Drive or Seaside. Despite the price, I like the bus journey in and out of town to my temporary abode in Hampden Park but it would be a far more popular mode of transport for many if the bus didn’t have to sit bumper to bumper in long lines of traffic each and every day. Perhaps when Stagecoach has finished dithering around with a business plan for a shuttle bus between the DGH and the Conquest, some heads could be put together to sort better bus routes or even dare I say it, a park and ride scheme.

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