Columbo fan hits target to make a film

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An Eastbourne film fan has smashed his fundraising appeal to make a Columbo style film.

Father of two Dean Matthews launched his project in November and asked fellow Columbo fans to pledge cash so a low budget film could be made in honour of the American detective series.

He needed to raise £2,500 to get the project off the ground but after one month and 72 backers, £3,069 was raised. Dean said this week he was delighted with the support he had received.

“We did it, we got there and I never doubted the general public for a second,” said Dean. “I am passionate about giving the audience a real visual treat. Now the backing has made the project a success, a sure thing, maybe now people’s confidence in the project will grow too, and hopefully also loosen a few more wallets and purses.

“In the mean time, if we do nothing else, at least we get to make a film, a fun, warm, Columboesque movie for fans to enjoy.”

Dean’s dream began a year ago when he discovered a group of like minded Columbo style fans on the social networking site Twitter who set up their own appreciation society for the old detective series Columbo.

He said, “It seemed these people from all the four corners of the globe would get together once a month on an allotted date, and at exactly the same time, and all watch an identical episode of Columbo, and then tweet about it as they went. This group calls itself #ColumboTV.

“I joined in and soon realised it was lots of fun and very addictive. A great bunch of people, with numbers growing all the time, all showing love for the great Peter Falk and his creation of Columbo. I then made a trailer for the film and the whole project has grown since then.”

Pledges can still be made to the film project and for more information visit