College’s Beacon bid comes second in national awards

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SUSSEX Downs College was one of just two colleges nationally which were shortlisted for the AoC Beacon awards.

Sally Palfrey from the college who led the initial bid said, “Congratulations to the teams which were involved with the recent Beacon bid for skills development. The college has been working steadily to ensure that teaching teams across our many programme areas are ready to deliver functional skills. The Beacon bid captured the work that the teams have committed themselves to, including the details for the development projects which have also been undertaken.

“Some of the topics looked at best practice delivery models and innovative ways to deliver functional skills resources. The teams included the Eastbourne Vocational College functional skills team, the Lewes functional skills team, the 14–16 i-project team, the hair apprentice’s team at Lewes, the skills for life team at Eastbourne and the foundation learning teams at both Lewes and Eastbourne.

“Individual members of staff also participated in the skills update initiative which has again been re-launched through the skills for life team. Our bid came second out of 15 entries across England. The top two were announced at the prestigious AoC conference in Birmingham before Christmas last year with the judges recognising the high levels of commitment and resourcefulness that came through from all the teams involved at Sussex Downs College.”

Pictured are some of the participants involved with the Beacon award at Sussex Downs College with Melanie Hunt, the college’s principal and chief executive, and Dick Holste, chairman of the corporation.