Christmas lights could stay on until February

Town centre Christmas lights
Town centre Christmas lights

EASTBOURNE’S Christmas lights may be kept up and on until February.

The town’s main shopping streets are decorated with an extensive and new festive lighting scheme and council officers are looking at leaving them in place until February.

A council spokesperson said, “There is a suggestion being looked at into keeping the tree lights on into February to keep the town looking bright in the deep winter months.”

Terminus Road is lit up all the way from the seafront to the railway station with a special ceiling of lights in the main pedestrian area of the town and two 20ft Christmas trees have been erected in Sussex Gardens and will be fully illuminated for the festive holidays.

Nine other normal trees in Terminus Road, Cornfield Road and Grove Road are also lit.

Lamppost lights are also lighting up parts of Seaside Road and Langney Road has a cross street banner. More than 30 local businesses have agreed to light up their premises with special rope lighting.

Little Chelsea has built on the lights from last year with the Town Hall being lit with subtle lines on its architectural features and a 15ft lit tree on the balcony above the main entrance.

There are six cross street banners in Grove Road and South Street.

Eastbourne Borough Council leader David Tutt said that he was delighted the council had been able to help fund the festive lights together with local businesses.

“I would urge the community to visit the town over the festive period and enjoy the fantastic atmosphere and events that are taking place,” he said. “Eastbourne has been the place to shop this Christmas.”

The newly-formed MP’s Commission has helped to generate business involvement and supported the council’s decision that a local East Sussex business has been used to supply all the new lighting.

All the new lighting uses the latest LED technology which has the advantage of the bulbs have a long life expectancy and minimal running costs.