Christmas has come early for local charity

Trevor Weeks with some of the charity's Christmas presents
Trevor Weeks with some of the charity's Christmas presents
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It isn’t even December yet but Christmas has come early for a cash-strapped wildlife rescue charity.

A fortnight ago East Sussex Wildlife Rescue and Ambulance Service launched an emergency appeal asking the public for help because it was running low on funds and was almost at a position where it could not afford to treat newly injured animals.

And local people responded in their droves, with the Eastbourne-based charity’s founder Trevor Weeks saying it had received around £4,500 in donations in the last two weeks alone.

Volunteers have also been inundated with presents after setting up an online wish list of items it needs for the day to day running of the charity.

A delighted Mr Weeks said, “It’s been like Christmas. We are really so pleased. We are getting between one and five deliveries of parcels a day from very kind and generous people who have seen our wish list and have very kindly donated items of food including a box of carrots, hedgehogs houses, a rabbit run, an owl box, bowls, printer cartridges, envelopes, syringes, multivitamins and much more.”

And Mr Weeks, who received an MBE earlier in the year but was attacked last month while on his way to a rescue, said the generosity had restored his faith in people.

“After being attacked a month ago and finding it hard to go to work worried about finances, struggling to sleep worried as we can’t help as many casualties as we want to; I am now completely different. Every day I go to the centre excited wondering what goodies and donations are going to arrive from such wonderful people again.”

To see the wish list visit or list/35VQCQWZZ8PM1 or call 01825 873003.