Charity needs your help ahead this winter

A mental health charity is desperately appealing for donations amid fears the shelves of its fundraising shop could be left bare this Christmas.

The Eastbourne Mind shop in Grove Road has issued an urgent plea for any unwanted items as limited stock is threatening to impact on its seasonal fundraising.

Winter is a particularly busy time for the popular charity shop as the chance to pick up cold-weather bargains draws customers in store. However as staff look ahead to the coming cold spell, there are serious concerns that a dearth of donations will limit the charity’s opportunity to raise money through sales.

The Eastbourne Mind shop relies on local generosity for over 95 per cent of product donations and, as every bag dropped off has a cash equivalent of £20 once converted to saleable stock, the money raised through retail is an invaluable source of funding for Mind.

Andrew Vale, managing director of Mind shops said, “Stock is especially low; possibly as in post-recession environment people are holding on to old items rather than donate in-store. We urge you to dig out any items you can spare and drop them off to the shop.”