Celebration of Faiths date at the Congress Suite

Eastbourne’s Faiths Forum, working in partnership with Eastbourne Borough Council, hosts a ‘celebration of faiths’, later this month.

The event will be held in support of Inter Faith Week 2012 on Wednesday November 21, at 7pm in the Congress Suite (next to Congress Theatre),

A Celebration of Faiths hopes to raise awareness of some of the events celebrated by the diverse faith communities in Eastbourne, such as Eid, Passover, the Eucharist and various Pagan celebrations.

If you have no religion or belief or are curious come along and find out more about it and maybe join in the celebrations with us - everyone is very welcome.

Taleb Durgahee, a practising Muslim, member of the Faiths Forum and Chair of Eastbourne’s Mosque, said, “Interfaith dialogue finds common grounds between faiths so that we can live in harmony as a community of different faiths.

“Eastbourne is proud to have the faiths forum championing this dialogue.

“Come and join us on November 21 to celebrate diversity in religion, join in conversations and ask the questions you have always wanted to.”

Eastbourne’s Faith Forum was established nearly five years ago and its members meet in an atmosphere of openness, trust and mutual respect.

The forum works towards inter faith co-operation in Eastbourne, whilst ensuring the integrity of each faith represented is maintained.

For more information please email: equality@eastbourne.gov.uk or log on to www.eastbourne.gov.uk and enter Faiths Forum into the search facility