Can you help me find my father?

Garry Cox, the son of Betty Cox is appealing for information about his father
Garry Cox, the son of Betty Cox is appealing for information about his father

A 60-YEAR-OLD man who was born in Eastbourne is calling on the town’s people to help him find out who is father was.

Garry Cox now lives in Swinstead in Lincolnshire but spent the first few years of his life in Eastbourne and is hoping Herald readers can help in his quest to unravel the mystery of his past.

Garry said, “In 1947 my late mother Betty Cox was divorced from her husband Eric and she moved to 17 Hoad Road, Eastbourne, from Luton, together with her son Tony who at that time was three years old.

“Tony later went to Bourne infants and Juniors school in Eastbourne and later he, and I, also attended the local Salvation Army citadel.

“Whilst living at this address mum ran what nowadays would be called a bed and breakfast, but in those times was called a boarding house and she catered normally for folk coming to Eastbourne for the summer holidays.”

Garry was born in June 1951 at the nursing home in Uppington Road, which he believes is now a block of flats.

Garry says his birth certificate shows that the deputy registrar TH Drinkwater registered his birth but his father’s name is missing from the document.

He said, “Although mum was divorced it was still looked frowned upon by having a child out of wedlock, and to the day she passed away she never revealed the name of the father.

“It has created a large void over the years and now that I have less years in front than behind and although I have no wish to upset or distress, it would be nice to know whether I have any extended family still alive from this liaison.”

In 1955 Betty Cox remarried Eric and the family left Eastbourne to live back in Luton.

Now both Betty and Eric have died, Garry and his brother Tony are attempting to find out more about their past.

Anyone with information is asked to email Garry at