Campaigner wants kerb improvements

A LIB Dem campaigner is lobbying the county council to improve safety for pedestrians.

Hugh Parker has submitted a photo survey to East Sussex County Council which he believes shows Polegate High Street’s drop-kerbs are not good enough.

He said, “These drop kerbs are not just a vital requirement for wheelchair and mobility scooter users, but parents with pushchairs too. Not only are many of them difficult to negotiate, there are not always where they’re most needed.”

“I believe the whole High Street parking and pedestrian layout needs more attention and so I will be urging the county council to pay much more attention to the needs of the less mobile in Polegate. I will be following up my report with regular monitoring to ensure action is taken.

“It is a shame the Residents Association running Polegate Town Council is not addressing issues like this. Drop kerbs are just one issue that needs addressing on our high street, but this survey is not just about enabling mobility but public safety too.”