Jobs at risk at Sussex Downs College

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JOBS are under threat at Sussex Downs College it was revealed this week.

The college says because of government cuts in further education it is having to review its structure, curriculum and services, which inevitably means “many roles will change and some posts will have to be lost”.

Already unions have been in talks with the college as part of the process and a period of consultation is already under way with staff and others involved.

Melanie Hunt, the principal and chief executive at Sussex Downs, said the government’s action to tackle the national deficit means that funding for further education is being reduced.

She said that the college is currently considering the necessary actions that will allow it to live within its budget for the 2012/13 academic year.

Mrs Hunt said, “The college needs to adapt if we are to deal with the real economic pressures the whole country is facing, so that we can live within our means and remain at the heart of education in the area.

“During this process it will be ‘business as usual’ for our students and those intending to join the college during this and the next academic year.

“Difficult decisions will have to be made, however, we are continuing to offer a wide range of education and training opportunities at all levels from entry level to higher education, both in college and in the workplace.

“The college will ensure that all change is managed in an open and transparent way and has been liaising with unions as part of the process.”