“I’ve got uninspired workforce” – ask the Business Coach

Laura Murphy SUS-140228-144649001
Laura Murphy SUS-140228-144649001
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Question: “My skilled older workforce lack the drive to grow the business. Help! ” Mike.

Drive is not restricted to age and what drives you will not hold true for everyone. We don’t have space to consider every motivational driver but a basic one for your “problem” group could be a sense of belonging. Concepts like valued, involved, invested in, all tie into this so do they know their skills are valued, are integral to business success - and believe it?

Steps taken to resolve this group’s “problem” can increase everyone’s motivation, vastly improving your growth prospects. So discuss with the entire workforce your plans for the future. Actively seek their input, involve them in assessing ideas and implementation. By satisfying the need to belong you’ll soon see increased commitment. Then you can identify individual motivators to fine tune your strategy and further increase growth. Laura Murphy is an organisational development specialist and executive coach. Email laura@mtc2.co.uk