Focus on what your customers actually want – not figures

MIchael Ogilvie SUS-141031-141643001
MIchael Ogilvie SUS-141031-141643001

Most business owners measure what they think is right rather than what matters most – and that’s what matters to their customers, says accountant and business advisor Michael Ogilvie.

Michael, a director with OBC The Accountants, said business owners fall into the trap of looking at numbers for Key Performance Indicators, forgetting that if they focused more on what their customers want to see, the odds would be more highly stacked in favour of success!

Michael gives the example of Continental Airlines that was failing in the 1990s before Gordon Bethune took over, got rid of the complex set of measures for the business that were mainly focused on cost reduction, and introduced three brand new KPIs: less lost luggage; fewer complaints and more on-time arrival.

Michael said, “Profits soared because all the KPIs made a huge difference to the company’s customers.

“Sometimes it’s too easy to become focused on numbers and while these are important and shouldn’t be ignored, business owners should be brave enough to think outside the box and re-look at their KPIs to make sure they are taking into account what matters to their customers.”

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