Business Coach with Laura Murphy “I’ve taken over.....”

Laura Murphy SUS-140228-144649001
Laura Murphy SUS-140228-144649001
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Question: “I’ve had to unexpectedly take over the firm. What do I do first?” Andrew

Answer: “Take a deep breath. You’re going to be feeling excitement, bewilderment and fear, amongst other things; and so is your workforce. What you do in the first 48 hours will set the tone so take that breath to allow your brain to function logically, gather your directors together to prioritise what needs to be done to ensure the sustainability of the company and create an action plan. Although you know where the potential bear traps are, there may be more only your CEO knew about. Put yourself in his shoes: what was his character, his modus operandi, his confidantes? Use that understanding to seek out the information you need to forestall any potential difficulties. Remember you’ll have a different style and possibly a different vision for the company’s future. You’ll want people around you that can help support you as you guide the company through some difficult months. Be open with them as to what you want to do then, with their backing, you can go to the workforce. Above all keep the communication lines open.” Laura Murphy is an organisational development specialist, accredited Growth Accelerator and Executive Coach. To solve your problem email or tweet @WayfinderWoman