Business Coach: I want a flexible work environment

Laura Murphy SUS-140228-144649001
Laura Murphy SUS-140228-144649001
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Question: “I want to change the culture to support more flexible working for our growing female workforce but experiencing opposition. What do you suggest?” Jonathan

Answer: “On International Women’s Day it’s refreshing that you’re actively seeking ways to support women’s career prospects. There’s a clear business case as studies show that a woman in the team vastly improves productivity, sales and profits. Instituting family friendly policies results in a more committed workforce who’ll go that extra mile when asked. And of course it’s not just women who benefit. Change is challenging so identify those who have influence and power. Convince them of your argument so they can be your advocate. Identify any barriers and propose practical solutions to undermine the objections that will come your way. Remember, change generates fear at so many levels; acknowledge that and understand its origins. Put in place mechanisms to help people express and come to terms with the fear and you’ll find the opposition drifting away.” Laura Murphy is an organisational development specialist, accredited growth accelerator and executive coach. Email or tweet @WayfinderWoman