Arndale vs Crumbles: Vote in our online poll

The revelation that the team behind a planned £70million extension to the Arndale Centre have threatened to pull out of the proposed deal if a costly revamp of the shopping complex at Sovereign Harbour gets the go-ahead has caused a stir among readers.

We revealed exclusively last week that Legal and General, which owns the town centre mall, told Eastbourne Borough Council it would not push on with the multi million face-lift if the scheme at the harbour was given the green light.

The row centres on Legal and General trying to impose conditions which would restrict fashion, sportswear and other popular stores from opening at the Harbour.

A record number of comments were added to the original online story and locals took to Twitter to pin their colours to either #TeamArndale or #TeamCrumbles.

One of the readers, writing as Ebo, said of Legal and General, “If thats their response, they should be told to either stump up enough to revamp not just the Arndale, but Seaside, Terminus Road, the lot.

“That could create the kind of environment and cafe culture I think most of Eastbourne would like to see. A shopping centre for the large brands with ample, free parking, that then spreads out into lanes style cafes and odd shops where people can wander and while away their afternoons.

“If they aren’t willing to do that, they should be told to poke it. The latter, of course, requires some testicular fortitude so far lacking from this council.”

Fellow poster Eastbournelife added, “Important to have a clear strategy to support both retail centres in the High Street and Harbour. Harbour redevelopment plans are not new to L&G though one can understand why they are trying it on at the last minute. “Council should hold their nerve and just be clear to L&G that not prepared to negotiate on this issue.

“Crazy to promise one developer of one site not to keep developing other parts of town.”

The Herald now wants to know what you think about the issue. Would you like to see a new and improved Arndale over a revamped Crumbles, or do you genuinely believe the town can support two ambitious shopping developments?

Please leave your comments below and vote in our poll. The result will be published in this Friday’s Herald.

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