BREAKING NEWS: Visas for Andrea Gada’s relatives have been granted

Wellington and Charity Gada with Stephen Lloyd and supporters at 10 Downing Street

Wellington and Charity Gada with Stephen Lloyd and supporters at 10 Downing Street

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Visas have been granted to relatives of Andrea Gada after a battle with the Home Office.

This means five-year-old Andrea’s grandparents and aunt will be able to attend her funeral on Monday.



Visas for the family, who come from Zimbabwe were refused twice, but after a personal letter from David Cameron, the visas were granted today (January 5).

Immigration and Security Minister James Brokenshire said, “The decision to grant or refuse a visa to the UK is often a difficult one. Immigration officers have to weigh often compelling situations against the fundamental requirement to protect the British border and the integrity of the immigration system.

“The UK visa system has rules which allow for a decision to be made on compassionate grounds. Andrea Gada’s family have provided new information and assurances in fresh visa applications to enable them to attend her funeral in Eastbourne. In the light of these details and given the tragic circumstances, these have now been granted. My thoughts are with the family at this extremely difficult time.”

Andrea was killed in a road accident on Friday Street in Eastbourne in December. Since then, her parents Wellington and Charity have been fighting for temporary visas for their relatives to attend her funeral, which had to be postponed.

An online petition urging the Home Office to grant the visas reached 130,000 signatures.

MP Stephen Lloyd said, “Stunning news. I’ve just heard from the Home Office the Gada family have been granted their temporary travel visas to attend little Andrea’s funeral. This is brilliant. Huge thanks to everyone who has helped, written in, made a difference. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart. Decency will out!!”