BREAKING NEWS: Two divers dead after being airlifted to Eastbourne hospital.

Breaking news
Breaking news

Two divers have died after a dive went tragically wrong off the Eastbourne coast this afternoon (Saturday).

The two men were airlifted from a dive boat just off the coast at around 2.30pm and flown to Eastbourne District General Hospital.

Despite efforts by paramedics on board the Coastguard helicopter and the trauma team at the DGH, the two men died.

Few details are being released at the moment but police say Dover Coastguard was called at 2.30pm after the two men became unwell with the Bends, the decompression sickness that can effect divers as they rise to the surface.

They were unconscious and winched from the dive boat into the waiting helicopter and flown to hospital.

It is not yet known if the boat was local or whether the divers are from the Eastbourne area.