Brand-new tools for the benefit of the community

The three councillors are pictured with a member of the community payback team
The three councillors are pictured with a member of the community payback team

CRIMINALS who pay for their crimes with work in the community have new tools to get on with the job – thanks to Ratton councillors.

Tory councillors Barbara Goodall, Sandie Howlett and Colin Belsey have donated £500 from their ward budget to the enforcement team to purchase tools for use with the Community Payback team.

The new tools will be used throughout Eastbourne by the payback team members when they are serving their community service.

They have been used twice recently in Ratton Ward in clearing undergrowth at the rear of the shops in Framfield Way and at a house in Pinewood Close.

Mike Marchant, who oversees the Community Payback team, said, “I am really grateful to these councillors for donating this money as a lot of the tools we use were wearing out. Now we have brand new items to help get the work done.”

Councillor Barbara Goodall said, “We were delighted to help in this matter. These chaps, although serving community orders, do put something back into the community and it is only right they have the right equipment.”

Colleague Sandie Howlett said, “We are please to help out as I know we will be requesting them to help out in the future so having new equipment will make the jobs easier.”

Councillor Colin Belsey said, “It is always good to help people that payback into the community.

“These guys are showing that even though they have erred, they are willing to work hard to pay for their crimes. I am only too pleased that we could help.”