Book launch for new local author

A popular local children’s author is launching her new book in Eastbourne on Saturday and is hoping as many of her fans as possible can make it along.

Heather Flood is well known for her Mousey Mousey series of books and the latest effort is being showcased at the Eastbourne Seniors Club in Cornfield Lane this Saturday from 1.45pm until 4pm.

The novel, Mousey Mousey and the Witches’ Revenge will, the author says, transport young readers and adults alike to the world of a cute fantasy mouse, witches, talking rabbits and a host of other magical characters.

Eastbourne Mayor Councillor Mike Thompson will officially unveil the new book at 2.15pm, after which Heather will read a section of it to the audience b

Fans are encouraged to turn up in fancy dress, although it is not compulsory, but there is a prize for the best dressed – with mouse ears and witches hats recommended. There will also be Bat Wing Biscuits and Spider Leg Cheese Straws, as well as a witches brew on offer.

Heather said, “I want to introduce children and adults to the adorable Mousey Mousey, and her comical friends Stinkblob and Mouldy Knickers as well as Agatha, one of the most mischievous fictional witches.

“Mousey Mousey and the Witches’ Revenge, the second in the series of Mousey Mousey books, provides some of my best story lines and should give everyone lots of laughs.”

The book is very much a local venture, with the cover being designed by Tina Bacon of Pig Pen Art & Design in Eastbourne.

Mousey Mousey and the Witches’ Revenge is available from Amazon as a paperback priced £5.99.