Bank’s facelift gets a lukewarm welcome

Branch Manager (Terminus Rd Barclays) Martina Gausden SUS-140705-133012001
Branch Manager (Terminus Rd Barclays) Martina Gausden SUS-140705-133012001

New-style tills in the town centre branch of Barclays Bank, installed in Eastbourne as part of a pilot scheme, have sparked a mixed reaction.

The branch in Terminus Road closed for a week earlier this year while state of the art assisted tills were installed in place of the traditional counters with staff behind them.

Eastbourne is one of first places in the country to have the innovative new style branch which provides a banking experience with new technology to allow customers to carry out regular transactions such as paying in cash and cheques, paying bills, withdrawing and transferring money. Staff are on hand to assist customers to undertake their everyday transactions while the new technology allows additional time to support customers who have more complex banking requirements. A number of customers say the bank is replacing people with machines. But the bank says that staff are out from behind the traditional counter and able to serve customers more freely. It also says the new terminals help to free up staff time to have more in-depth discussions with customers, but staff are on hand to help people use them.

The new terminals are not proving popular with some people who have taken to social media to voice their displeasure. On Twitter Duncan Adams said, “It’s the no-staff Barclays. How on earth our older generation will cope I’ve no idea.” Teresa Chapman added, “I think the new ‘look’ is awful, a complete waste of money, so impersonal and involved a lot of inconvenience yet again, for its customers.”

Martina Gausden manager of the branch said, “We have the same number of people working at the branch as before but the staff are now in front of the counter in the banking hall assisting customers with their banking requirements. There have been some teething problems as with any change in technology, and I do encourage customers who have questions or concerns to speak to us directly.”