Band night at The Base hailed a roaring Seaford success

A big band night in Seaford has been hailed a success.

Despite the gloomy weather hundreds of people supported the event and watched local groups perform live including Red Emperor, Full House, Juno and The Riffz.

The event was held at the Base in a bid to give the previously much-used youth facility a boost.

It opened six years ago and became known as a safe place for young people to meet. But for years calls have been made for people to ‘use it or lose it’ following concerns about the future of the Base which is situated in the Salts Recreation Ground.

Calls were made by former Seaford Town Councillor Rosemary Collict for people to get involved or the facility would be lost and the current Base Management Committee was keen to put the facility back on the map.

Thanks to the support of businesses in the town and surrounding area, the Base Committee secured £1,200 for the free event which was held last month.

Seaford resident Anthony White, who is on the Base Committee, has been overwhelmed by the support from businesses and would like to thank all of them for their help.

He added, “The weather attempted to put a dampener on things but to no avail.

“The bands were too good and the crowds were too busy enjoying themselves to care.

“The whole event was sponsored by local businesses who came out to support the project for whom without the open event may well not have been as big as a success as it was.

“These generous donations were warmly received by the very grateful Base Management Committee who are looking to put on plenty of events such as this and others in future.”

The aim of the night was to raise awareness of the Base and to gain funds to get it up and running and put toilets in there.

The hope is the building can be used for music, drama rehearsals and other activities.

It received a makeover boost last year thanks to the town’s young people and the Community Payback Scheme. Re-painting took place inside and out and a scheme was set up for young people to create a graffiti arts mural.

People can find out more about The Base by logging onto Facebook or emailing: