Another busy week of rescues for our Trevor

OVER the next month there will be quite a bit of work taking place at our casualty centre.

We have some new flooring going down in various rooms, so that we can start using them properly. We have new extractor fans being installed as well as starting work on our new X-ray room too. The current Isolation Room is being turned into an X-ray room, so those cages and the ones in the First Aid Room will be going up stairs into the new Casualty Room 3. We have a list of items of equipment which WRAS would like to purchase to help improve the care of the casualties it takes in and to improve facilities and our ability to rehab casualties back to the wild.

It has been another busy week of rescues. Kathy and I went out to Burwash Common late on Saturday evening to rescue a hedgehog which was found out during daylight earlier in the day. On Friday I attended a unusual rescue where a hedgehog had fallen into a small basement area out a shop in Alfriston High Street. The staff at Munchilicious noticed the hedgehog as it was trying to climb out. It was not easy to get to and I had to lie on the pavement and squeeze my head and arms into the narrow gap to reach down to the hedgehog. He is now in care as he is dehydrated, underweight and has a small eye infection. We had a hedgehog in which had an elastic band round its body He was underweight and sadly had internal injuries and later passed away whilst at the vets. A hedgehog was admitted from Polegate, after being seen for a couple of days out during the day asleep on the lawn, the finder placed it under a hedge, but the hedgehog was still there in the same place the following day so they called WRAS for help. Flies had laid eggs on its face and paws and he was very underweight and dehydrated, although soaking wet from the previous night’s rain.

Eve our young fallow deer which we have been looking after for the last four weeks at WRAS’s Casualty Centre was moved up to Ashdown Forest at the weekend too. She is now with carers Chris and Sylvia in an outside pen. The move was rather stressful but she seems to be settling in well and hopefully she will enjoy her new surroundings and outdoor life.

WRAS rescuers have rescued an adult gull with wire round its leg trapped in an alleyway next to WHSmiths in Terminus Road, Eastbourne. Rescuers Shirley and Jen helped me search for a swan between Southease and Beddingham on Thursday night after a walker saw a swan hit power cables near the River Ouse. After a 2.5hour search the swan could not be found. In the early hours of last Thursday morning

I rushed out to a road casualty badger at 2.15am.

Unfortunately the taxi driver who found the badger wasn’t able to wait as they had a passenger and sadly when I got there it had been run over again and was dead