Amy’s charity haircut nears £1,000 mark

Amy Cooper is having her head shaved for charity. SUS-140320-165415001
Amy Cooper is having her head shaved for charity. SUS-140320-165415001

A 12-year-old girl from Eastbourne is having her head shaved to help two charities – if she can raise £1,000 in donations first.

Amy Cooper, a pupil at Willingdon School, wanted to do something to help Macmillan Cancer Support after two of her grandparents were diagnosed with the disease and after losing her step-sister to a malignant brain tumour last year.

When Amy suggested shaving her head and donating the hair to the Little Princess Trust, which makes wigs for children with cancer, her mother Anna wanted to make sure she was certain of her decision.

Anna said, “At the time, I said it was something she should think about seriously before doing as after four years of growing her hair, she had just got it to a length she loved.

“Again this year, she asked if she could do it. I set her the challenge of raising £1,000 before I would allow it.

“Amy is over three quarters of the way there and I am extremely proud of her. She is very determined and caring and is very excited about it.”

Amy will face the chop on the stage of her school hall on April 4 – the last day of school term – in front of all of her friends and fellow pupils.

Amy and her mum have sought permission from the school and have chosen the date carefully so that the hair has time to grow back over the summer before the start of the new term, so as not be seen as an ‘extreme haircut’ that is frowned upon in some schools.

Anna added, “She has, in the last 12 months, become very aware of cancer and its impact on people’s lives and wanted to do something to help, so any support would be extremely helpful.”

To donate to Amy’s cause and Macmillan Cancer Support, visit