Aids tweet leads to resignation call

A tweet about Aids by a businessman has led to a call for his resignation.

Tom Serpell, acting chairman of Excellence CIC and promoter of Eastbourne Designed for All, made a comment on Twitter in response to a riddle.

On Wednesday @WatersideHotel tweeted a riddle, ‘What can you catch but not throw?’. On his Twitter account @EastbourneExcel Mr Serpell replied Aids.

The comment cause offense to Jody Fergs who on his twitter account @jody_fergs, said, ‘The chairperson of should know better. TIME TO RESIGN. ‘ He also tweeted, ‘Hey #eastbourne @EastbourneExcel should resign for his post for his offensive and ignorant tweet about #Aids.

Mr Serpell said, “It’s offense in the eye of the beholder. It was a riddle and I answered it. I think my answer was reasonable.”

“Is Aids a taboo subject in Eastbourne?

“I could have easily have said measles.”